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TeraBox Review: Safe or Not? Free or Not?

Exploring TeraBox: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Free Cloud Storage Solution

Welcome to TeraBoxDownloader.Pro! In today's post, we’re diving into one of the hottest cloud storage options on the market: TeraBox.

TeraBox: New King of Cloud Storage

TeraBox: New King of Cloud Storage
TeraBox: New King of Cloud Storage

Free cloud storage isn't a new concept, but many services offer limited space—often as little as 2GB to 20GB.

TeraBox, however, takes a different approach by providing users with up to 1TB of storage for free. This generous offer translates to about 400,000 photos or 51,200 one-minute videos, making it ideal for anyone looking to store thousands of precious memories without spending a dime.

In this review, we'll cover the four key points most cloud storage users care about: security features, user interface, pricing, and addressing common concerns.

Features of TeraBox

  • Generous Storage: TeraBox offers an impressive 1TB of free cloud storage, with competitively priced premium plans providing 2TB of storage and exclusive benefits.
  • Stable Operation: Managed by Flextech Inc., TeraBox has been providing secure and reliable service for three years. As of December 2023, it serves 250 million registered users, with over 20 million daily active users across 231 countries and regions.
  • Fresh Brand Image: Welcoming 2024 with a new logo, TeraBox signals its commitment to continuous improvement in user experience and service quality.
  • TeraTransfer: The platform also provides automatic backup for photos, videos, and folders, helping you to save space on your device. The platform's TeraTransfer feature allows you to share files with non-users without creating an account. They get a file transfer limit of 50 GB and have a 24-hour link expiration limit. However, they'll need to sign up to enjoy the full benefits of TeraTransfer, which includes unlimited file transfer and a longer link expiration limit.
  • Cross-Platform Applications: Available for various devices.
  • Robust Data Safety: Ensures your data is secure.
  • Referral Program: Rewards active users with additional benefits.

TeraBox Pricing Overview

With 1TB of free storage, TeraBox surpasses other services, even some premium tiers. Here’s a quick comparison of TeraBox with other popular platforms:

  • TeraBox: 1TB free, 2TB premium for $35.99/year.
  • PCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive: Offer less free storage and higher premium prices.

How to Access and Sign Up for TeraBox

Signing up for TeraBox is easy:

  1. Visit the TeraBox website.
  2. Download the app for your device (available on Google Play, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and TeraBox website for Linux).

The mobile app allows auto backup for photos, videos, and selected folders, while desktop apps provide robust functionality for Windows and MacOS. Linux users can download native apps in RPM or DEB formats.

TeraBox Common Concerns

1: Initial Storage Offer

  • Old Perception: Users initially received 10GB and could earn up to 124GB by inviting friends.
  • Updated Information: Users now receive 1TB of storage simply by downloading and registering the app. Ensure you have the latest app version for optimal performance.

2: Upload Speed

  • Old Perception: Upload speeds were limited to 100 KB/s.
  • Updated Information: Both upload and download speeds on TeraBox are influenced by individual internet speeds and are not restricted. Premium users enjoy high-speed downloads.

3: File Size Restrictions

  • Old Perception: Single file upload sizes were limited.
  • Updated Information: Premium users can upload files up to 20GB on mobile and 128GB on PC. Regular users have limits of 4GB on mobile and 20GB on PC. Premium users also enjoy 1080p HD video playback.

4: Privacy Policy Alignment

  • Old Perception: Privacy policies aligned with Chinese laws.
  • Updated Information: TeraBox is now operated by Japanese technology company Flextech Inc. and complies with GDPR. It holds three ISO certifications, ensuring top-notch data security.

Is TeraBox a Safe and Secure Cloud Option?

User privacy and security are top priorities at TeraBox. The company employs cutting-edge security measures, including SSL protocols, encryption algorithms, and access controls, to ensure data protection. Client-side endpoint encryption and a large-scale distributed system help maintain the highest security and privacy standards.

TeraBox’s ISO certifications validate its commitment to information security, privacy management, and data safeguarding, ensuring that users' data is secure during transmission and storage.

TeraBox used to be known as DuBox Cloud Storage, with its servers in China, a country famous for heavily policing citizens' internet activities. So, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that DuBox didn't guarantee complete security, leading to many questions regarding its safety.

However, after rebranding to TeraBox, they've rectified the situation by relocating their servers to Japan, a more privacy-friendly country. Though the company claims it doesn't monitor files stored on its cloud, it has warned it will block objectionable content. Now, doesn't that suggest some monitoring?

Now, let's delve a bit into TeraBox's security, and don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with all the mundane technical terms. According to TeraBox, it uses HTTPS and SFTP protocols to encrypt user files at rest and in transit

 It protects your files from intrusion or spies by safeguarding them with encryption protocols, though it fails to name the exact encryption protocols it uses. Huh, kind of strange, raises some questions, given that all major cloud storage platforms have declared their encryption methods. To add an extra layer of protection, TeraBox introduced a Personal Vault where you can store your most sensitive documents and a multi-factor authentication feature ensuring that your account is secure.

One feature that did catch my attention is the password-protect link, which prevents unintended recipients from viewing documents that they've received. As an added protection, the links expire after some time has elapsed, securing the integrity of your data.

However, TeraBox doesn't provide client-side encryption, thus theoretically nothing prevents the company from accessing your files, which dents its image. So, given TeraBox's lack of cutting-edge security technology and commitment to keeping its users safe, I'm going to award it a three out of five. Should I have given a better or worse mark? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


TeraBox offers unparalleled free storage and robust security features, making it a top choice for cloud storage. If you found this review helpful, please share it with your TeraBox friends!

So, what are your general impressions about TeraBox? Please freely share your thoughts in the comments section.

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